Sniply for Small Businesses

Content marketing is the strategy of driving conversions and generating exposure through quality content. Producing quality content can be extremely expensive, so it’s often not a viable option for small businesses. With Sniply, even small business can reap the benefits of content marketing, allowing you to leverage quality content to build up your brand.

Leverage the Sea of Content

Sniply allows you to display your call-to-action on any piece of content across the web. This means that you can leverage the power of quality content without investing in the production side.

For example, let’s say your startup offers a mobile payment solution, you can share a TechCrunch article on the future of mobile payments while attaching a call-to-action to signup for your product. You can then drive conversions through quality content without investing in producing your own original content.

Branding and Recognition

When building up a brand, it’s important to be persistent and ubiquitous. Sniply allows you to have a brand presence on every page you share. Content curation is a popular social media strategy for small businesses and Sniply lets you extend your brand into every piece of curated content.

Every Sniply message includes a name and profile photo so you can be sure that people will take notice of your brand. The display is also fully customizable, so you can equip your brand colors and truly make it your own.

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