Driving More Conversions with Sniply

Sniply was built solely for the purpose of helping people drive conversions. Whether you want more customers, app downloads, event registrations, charitable donations, or anything you can think of—Sniply can help you with that.

There are well over a billion pieces of content shared each day and Sniply helps you capture the value of every link you share. Our tool lets you attach your own call-to-action to every page you share. This means that even when you’re sharing a Huffington Post article, you can still drive conversions through your very own call-to-action.

Effective Call-to-action

Just like everything else in marketing, there needs to be a reason to click. The highest performing call-to-actions tend to be interesting, intriguing, and ultimately valuable. You’ll see a big difference in conversion rates between buttons that read “Learn More” and “Free Download”.

Some of the highest converting Sniply call-to-actions we’ve seen are time-sensitive, instilling a sense of urgency; and usually valuable, offering some sort of incentive to engage. Consider running a contest, giving away free ebooks, or offering exclusive trials.

Page Relevance

An important factor to consider for conversion rates is page relevance. This refers to the relevance between the content itself and your call-to-action. For example, if you’re sharing content about a major security flaw and your call-to-action offers the solution, then the relevance will naturally drive up conversion rates. On the other hand, if you share content about natural disasters and your call-to-action is to visit a restaurant, then your conversions would be much lower.

Understanding Reach

Note that a 1% conversion rate with 100 clicks is only 1 conversion, but a 1% conversion rate with 1,000,000 clicks is 10,000 conversions. If you look at Sniply from an advertising standpoint, then both impressions and clickthroughs are equally important.

We define clicks as the number of people who visit the content, and we define conversions as the number of people who interact with your call-to-action and click on your button. Clicks define the reach of your messaging, and without reach, it won’t matter how strong your call-to-action is. If you’re not getting many clicks on your Sniply links, then that’s where you should start!

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