Chat with Your Sniply Visitors

Sharing external links is something that millions of people do everyday with little to no kick­back. Wouldn’t sharing be more attractive if you could convert some of the attention you create into engagement?

Sniply is excited to announce a clever integration with Twoople, a neighbouring Toronto­-based startup. Twoople is a chat platform that allows others to chat with you through a personalized URL. Anyone who goes to that URL can begin chatting with you immediately without having to register or download an app.

By setting your Sniply call-to-action (your button or link) to your Twoople URL, you can encourage your audience to chat with you as they interact with the content that you share. Anyone who clicks on your call-to-action will be sent to the Twoople address where they can tell you what they think about what you just shared. This offers unparalleled, personalized interaction with your audience.

“It’s a natural progression of our technology and of Sniply’s as well” says Twoople Founder, Pat Arlia “We use the descriptive anywhere to emphasize Twoople’s ubiquity. This integration really enforces this”.

For more information about Twoople, check out

Sniply + Twoople = ❤

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