Introducing the New Sniply Workflow

Are you creating a lot of Sniply links? Do you find yourself using the same call-to-action repeatedly? Ever wished for a better way to organize all your Snips? If so, then you’ll love the New Sniply Workflow! This new workflow will let you to group Sniply links sharing the same call-to-action and allow for a smoother creation process, more insightful analytics, while unlocking all new possibilities.

Snip Creator 2.0

Now, when creating a Snip, all you have to do is paste in a Page URL (of the article you’d like to share), and choose a Call-to-Action. This will automatically load all of your settings into the link, including your message, button, colors, etc. Instead of filling out all the details every single time, you just have to do it once by setting up a Sniply Call-to-Action. It’s much more convenient!

This makes it much easier to bounce between multiple marketing goals. For example, you can have a Call-to-Action with the button “Visit Our Store” and a separate Call-to-Action with the button “Download Our App”. When creating a new Snip, you can simply choose one of your Call-to-Actions and presets will be loaded.

Click here for a step-by-step on how to create snips

Snip Management 2.0

Since all your Snips are connected through Call-to-Actions, you can manage them in groups. When you make changes to a Call-to-Action, the changes will be reflected across all Snips under that Call-to-Action. For example, if my Call-to-Action was “Register for Event” and the event has ended, I can now simply change that Call-to-Action and every single Snip under that Call-to-Action will be updated instantaneously. Sure beats editing your Snips one by one, right?


You can edit a Call-to-Action the same way you used to edit a Snip. Each Call-to-Action contains your preferences for themes and colors. For example, if your company went through a rebranding and your brand colors changed, you can simply alter the Call-to-Action customizations and all your Snips will be updated to your new look! You can even segment your analytics for each Call-to-Action as well to get a better view of progress and performance.

Click here for a step-by-step on how to create Call-to-Actions

A/B Testing, Custom Shortlinks, and Beyond

Now that Snips are grouped under Call-to-Actions, we’ve unlocked mountains of new possibilities! For starters, A/B testing now becomes possible (finally!). For example, you can enter 2 separate A/B Variations into a single Call-to-Action. All Snips using that Call-to-Action will automatically shuffle through the 2 A/B Variations, generating 2 sets of analytics, allowing you to identify the more effective approach.

Click here for a step-by-step on how to start A/B testing

If you have any questions, get stuck on anything, have any suggestions, or just absolutely love the new updates, please us know all the same via!


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